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Airfoil Group’s Help Desk Boosts Internal Productivity

Airfoil Boost ProductivityTony Onofrio


“Being able to solve IT problems is what we hired VCS to do, but the consistent way they communicate, the quality of work provided by pleased employees and the alignment to our IT philosophy make them a true partner.” Tony Onofrio Technical Operations Supervisor Airfoil Group
Airfoil Group is a dynamic marketing and public relations firm with locations in New York City, Detroit, and Silicon Valley. Airfoil as a company, only in their 15th-year, has gained a celebrated reputation managing some of Detroit’s local brands such as National Coney Island, TechTown Detroit and nationally recognized Survey Monkey and Brookstone. What makes Airfoil the cutting edge firm in its class, is a challenge to the status quo traditional PR and Marketing methodology. Airfoil fuses a passionate understanding of digital tools and techniques that illustrate dynamic campaigns for all of their leading brands since the year 2000. Airfoils dedication to remain loyal to their personal brand identity, aligned core values embody a corporate structure that’s doing things the right way for their clients.


With technology providing the basis of Airfoils rudimentary product and tools of value, technology management undoubtedly needs to be their top strength. Specially crafted IT solutions for your businesses cyclical and demand by end users is a strenuous task for internal IT experts, keeping every location up to speed the evolving elements of Airfoils infrastructure can be hard to strategize with internal process keeping them at bay. Tony Onofrio, Technical Supervisor of Operations at the Airfoil Group, understands the challenge of internal environment presents on a daily basis. Being proactive to maximize uptime whilst upholding Airfoil’s passion for innovation and business productivity for their clients. The balancing act between servicing computers and equipment leaves very little attention to the process of delivering synchronization with Airfoils clients. Synchronization is central.


A broader corporate perspective suggests utilizing an internal IT technician team that understands their own technology and how its parallels excel their own companies values and industry. However, without reinventing the wheel, Airfoil group and Tony sought out to improve their internal business processes in a cost-effective expansion of their IT department. Lowering the cost of labor and reducing a risk of hiring personnel that do not fit Airfoil Group’s team culture, Vision Computer Solutions offers a combination of knowledge and soft skills that work with Tony’s leadership and Airfoil’s passion for digital innovation.


By implementing Powerful IT automation software provided by LabTech, Airfoil Group and Vision harmoniously monitor multiple workstations across different locations and with seamless communication between internal and outsourced IT departments. Dividing specific tasks and goals between both parties allows Tony to focus more on organizational specific goals, while Vision Computer Solutions provides disaster recovery support, knowledge to new and unfamiliar technologies that improve Airfoil’s hardware and software systems.  

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