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Popular Cloud Security Myths Debunked

cloud security mythsWhat was once just hype only years ago might be the most important business catalyst. With the abundant use of cloud infrastructure in our business drivers, more confusion stems from inefficient practice that can lead to bad security habits and vulnerability.

Many CIO’s and owners have heard their fair share of daunting myths of security breaches. Most of them are not reality. What are the most common security cloud myths surrounding your own business?

1: The Cloud is insecure for my business
The perception of “all data pushed to the cloud is now compromised” is natural. We creatures of habit and some people just have more peace of mind with a tin server in their office. Things that are not in our control we may find to be uneasy. Claiming the cloud is insecure is a powerful accusation and complex explanation. To date, there have been more on-premise data center environments where breaches actually consist of physical data. Resulting in millions of more data lost with on-premise backup solutions. Cloud providers #1 priority is your data and they are heavily handed in making sure it’s not going anywhere.
2: Cloud Computing Migration is all or nothing
To make sure your migration is getting done with ease, outlined in steps what you want to accomplish when migrating your systems. Planning and overtaking need to be introduced in phases, not all at once.

3: No one can manage our cloud services
Reaching a position of maturity, IT management is shifting their focus toward cloud implementation for SMB’s. Aligning your goals with a cloud migration should be your first step. Your cloud provider will be instrumental in making sure your environment washed clean from any potential security holes. Also, cloud providers will be there every step of the way to maintain the compliance and standards of your business.

According to a recent RightScale study, 93 percent of enterprises report they are adopting cloud computing in some form. Overcoming these risks associated with the Cloud allows you to increase your budget and flexibility. Mitigating risk and financial woes, we can assist your migration to the cloud every step of the way. Vision Computer Solutions can help you overcome your fears.