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April Szlaga

“Email is one item that I never worry about and have not in over five years. From the time that we transitioned to Vision to present we have not had any down time relating to our email or any company wide IT issue. In my business, email is one of the most important aspects on a day to day basis. In addition, we require our email to have a lot of flexibility in terms of access and the way that it is set up. Vision has understood our needs from the time that we transitioned to them over five years ago. Now, when I need a new email set up each staff members knows exactly what I want and I do not have to take the time to explain. When our company first started we used two different companies to host our emails. Both were less expensive and had staff who were not as qualified as Vision. While we saved money we also paid the price by not having reliable email on a day to day basis. At one point, one of the other company’s servers went down and we lost everything. Imagine losing all of your prior emails, it was a nightmare and worry that we could not afford to have. After that happened, we looked for a new IT company and met with Pete. Although skeptical because of our past experience he made us feel at ease and transitioned us to a solution that we have not regretted. The peace of mind in knowing that we will not have issues is worth more than any cost savings we may have with another company.

April Szlaga Operations Director Abacus Service Corporation