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Brian McCullough

IT support is one of those things that goes un-noticed until you really need it. At that time, if it isn’t there for you, then you will be extremely sorry for paying the cheap price. There are definitely some cheaper options out there, but you do get what you pay for. Our company definitely would not continue to pay for anything that we didn’t feel we were getting fair value for. The service levels of VCS are very good. The methods of communicating to the help desk via email or phone works well for us. The response timing is really good and the tech are able to either solve issues on the phone or if they cannot, they determine a path to research and provide a timeframe for getting back to us with a solution. I have had problems resolved by the team when I was traveling out of state on a Saturday and we were able to get a resolution very quickly after I called in with the problem.

Brian McCullough Director of Finance Taubman Ventures Management