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M. Smiglewski

I’m getting a very good feeling about getting Vision Solutions into our efforts. I read some of the white papers this morning you emailed to me. Although we’ve taken some steps in the right direction as defined in the 16 checklist items, I admit that I probably made a mistake in not getting Vision on board from the start. Moving forward now! Joe (the VCS NOC Manager) has already displayed some very good traits to me in his responses to my questions and my describing the challenges we have had. I think he understands what a consultant should be in relation to my own experiences and in relation to those described in your white paper. I detect that you and I are similar in being stubborn towards getting things “right” and it relaxes my anxiety that I’m finally getting a team behind me with that attitude. The thing that is special about Joe is that he is not only concise and communicative on all assigned tasks, but he also looks for other tasks that complement the objectives and makes recommendations. He then takes those on while being calm and composed. From my own experiences, that is rare and is why there are rare “exceptional” ratings in performance reviews. Again, I, and the other owners of NoIR, are very happy with the quality of Vision’s resources. I’d be willing to make referrals if needed. I would have saved money making the Vision choice a year ago! I can’t tell you how much better I sleep at night since you have come on-board. Thanks for being professional and thorough!

M. Smiglewski IT Manager NoIR Medical and Laser Technologies L.L.C.