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Minnette Harrison

In the spring of 2013 my company’s exchange server was hacked. Our server was blacklisted. Our clients and vendors weren’t receiving correspondence from us, but they were receiving SPAM from foreign countries. The impact of being blacklisted was crippling. To make matters worse, our subpar managed services provider had no answers to provide. This continued for a few weeks until our sister company suggested we reach out to Vision. After meeting with Vision they had our email up and running like nothing had happened. They moved us to a cloud based email solution with the security and protection we thought we had before. Vision put us back in business after one day; something our old MSP couldn’t accomplish in weeks. After our crippling experience with our exchange server, I realized we needed a full evaluation of our network. We had three servers in our network, so it was complex. However everything we had on the network seemed hodgepodge together. More worrisome was that our tape decks had been failing on a regular basis. I didn’t want to imagine the disaster we would have on our hands if our system failed without a backup. Vision came and did an entire assessment of our network. They truly did their homework. Vision looked at how our software interacted with our systems. They understood how changing one element could affect the whole network and planned any possible downtime around our operating hours. I don’t have the time to dedicate my efforts towards IT in addition to my job. It’s great knowing we now have a resource to turn to if an issue occurs. I know don’t have to worry about our network crashing or losing our data. Vision’s monitoring and reporting provides me the peace of mind I need and want in my IT provider.

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