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Rhonda Valente

Five years ago we made the switch to Vision Computer Solutions and I couldn’t be happier with the results they have delivered. EPI was growing and we needed technical assistance that our old tech could not deliver. Despite our growth, our network was slow, which was hindering productivity. I would try to contact our tech about our slow network and the numerous amounts of other issues that seemed to keep piling up. However, I always seemed to reach his voicemail and my calls were rarely returned. Inadvertently, I became our resident tech, a role that I did not have time for with my already busy schedule. After a few meetings I decided to give Pete and the rest of Vision a chance to rescue us from our IT problems. What they ended up providing was an amazing experience. Not only was my network up and running smoothly, it was being monitored around the clock. If a technical issue occurred in the office, I no longer had to handle it. A phone call to Vision was met with live response. The service desk has always been friendly and personable, kept me in the loop about the state of my IT and are prompt to resolve any issues that creep up. Five years later and our satisfaction with Vision is better than ever. Not only does my IT continue to be hassle-free, but our companies have developed a relationship. I never thought I would bond with my IT company, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rhonda Valente Director of Operations Estate Planning Institute Group, LLC