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Sharon Neumann

Prior to Vision Computer Solutions we spent over 10 years with our previous IT provider. Despite being faithful customers for such a long period of time, it had become clear that our expectations of an IT service provider no longer matched what was being delivered. As problems arose, the solutions offered often seemed to only provide temporary solutions. Ultimately, we realized a change was necessary. In January we made the switch to Vision. Upon meeting with Vision they conducted an assessment of our infrastructure. We discovered that our infrastructure was in great need of attention. There were a variety of deficiencies that needed to be addressed. As the Senior Vice President, beyond just the technical components of the project at hand, what I cared most about were results. I wanted a seamless transition into a functioning infrastructure without anyone in the company experiencing downtime. Vision delivered on all of that. Not only did they get the infrastructure to the level it needed to be, but they also collaborated with us throughout the process to ensure that all our needs were being met. Since our transition to Vision things have gone very smoothly. Because of my financial background I appreciate the attention to detail and the systematic approach Vision uses, especially in the project planning and implementation. Also, customer service has been great! The entire team has been a pleasure to work with.

Sharon Neumann Senior Vice President Airfoil Group