10 Things You Should Know About IT

Regardless of who is handling your IT, there are a few things that should be handled on a regular basis. If you are hiring someone internally to handle your IT, it’s essential that the items below are addressed, even when the IT professional is sick or on vacation. Take a look at the list below. Are you POSITIVE your company can say “yes” to all of the following?

  1. Monitor daily backups
  2. Patching
  3. Anti-virus & anti-malware updates
  4. Encryption of sensitive data & assets that leave the network (i.e.- laptops that hold company data)
  5. Ensure logging is in place on firewalls/servers and monitor the logs
  6. Proper file permissions for each user
  7. Disable and deprecated account clean ups on a regular basis
  8. Strict & enforced password policy set for the entire company
  9. Secure WiFi network
  10. Disaster recovery plan in place in the event of a breech/virus/failure of network


If you can’t say “yes” to all of the above? Fill out the form below to talk to VCS about how we can assist improving your business’s IT.

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