4 Fantastic IT Management Tools and Where to Find Them

Defensive Strategy

IT environments represent major hacking opportunities for black hats. To subdue any legitimate chance someone has on overtaking your network, top notch measures need to be in place. You can start by perfecting your defensive scheme to provide consistent and predictive stabilized results. To do this, make sure you’re responsive to your software and network updates and reduce the number of users with permission. Provide the training necessary to be vigilant about the security of your network. There’s always two sides to every coin and IT management is no different.

1) Office 365 Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware

Office 365 small business is a powerful tool that features Exchange Online Protection (EOP). EOP is a spam filtering anti-virus tool that’s automatically enabled on all inbound and outbound exchanges. Based on spam confidence levels deliveries from high-risk users are filtered out and not sent.

Another great defense strategy: multi-factor authentication for Office 365 users. This method verifies who you are using more than a username and password. An Azure subscription can be purchased to support a wide range of on-premise and cloud solutions.

2) Cloud App Security

For Enterprise grade security on your premise systems, Cloud App Security offers greater clarity and control over your network. Even if your business has yet to move into the cloud territory, chances are your employees have already made the move. Enhance your protection with unapproved cloud apps on devices that are in your network. On average each employee you hire will be using 17 different cloud applications each day on their device. This solution is easily deployed and provides instant value.

Offensive Strategy

3) Planner

Best described as a structured flow of seamless results. The planner is cloud product powered by Microsoft. Planner lets you share files, assign tasks,and crush your campaigns! Planner’s greatest feature is the integration with o365. We think Trello plays second fiddle to Planner. The organizational results for your team will not be beaten.

4) Microsoft OneNote

Virtually unbounded unlike its predecessors. OneNote is the note taking and sharing application you can take anywhere. With a binder like an interface to organize your projects and workspace, it’s easily one of the more flexible and robust suites available for widespread teams.