Celebrating International Women in STEM Day

In December 2015, the United Nations passed a resolution to recognize women’s contributions to the field of STEM on February 11 each year.

In honor of this inaugural event we’re recognizing one of STEMs most well-known women, Hedy Lamarr.


Although more well known for her fame on the silver screen, Hedy Lamarr became a pioneer of the wireless communications industry. With co-inventor George Anthiel, Lamarr developed a “secret communications system” to assist the allies in combating the Nazis during World War II. The significance of this communications system was not recognized until decades later when it was used on US naval ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The invention of the Spread Spectrum Technology became the backbone of the wireless movement, making cellular phones, fax machines, and Bluetooth possible.


For additional information, visit https://www.women-inventors.com/Hedy-Lammar.asp