Meet Our Team: Peter Cheli



What Do You Do Here At Vision?

“Service Engineer – Solving day to day Break/Fix issues for our clients.”

Describe Vision In Three Words.

“Ping Pong, Always.”

As A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

“Orthopedic Surgeon, Construction worker”

What Is the Most Challenging Thing About Your Job?

“Figuring out what the real problem is.”

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

“5 time oak park kick ball champion.”

What Do You Think Is The Most Important Quality Necessary For Success?

“Ability to improvise and adapt.”

What Do You Like Most About Vision?

“Open communication, culture, ping pong, snack table.”

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

“PC Gaming, go to EDM shows, watch good tv.”

What’s Your Top Life Hack?

“”Cupcake Sandwich – twist the bottom off a cupcake and place on top, avoid frosting all over your nose.”