Death, Taxes, and Ransomware?

As ominous as these three certainties bundled together sound, sadly, they’re all more than likely going to impact your business in some form. Depending on how you react upon these inevitable occurrences will dictate how long your business is plagued. In this guide against malware, you will learn a few ways to combat the latter, that way you’re not on the path sending you to the former.

My business is currently under attack by Ransomware, what can I do now? You’re not facing this problem alone, north of 4,000 businesses fall victim to this extortion each day. First things first, do not evolve this crime further by paying the ransom to obtain your files. There is no guarantee you’ll get back your files, and sometimes it’s easier to get you infected again after the deed is done, leaving you out of the money and files.

How do I get my files back without paying a ransom? That purely depends on the degree of the ransom. Lockscreen is a common ransomware, this will usually accuse you of a heinous crime and takes away all capabilities on your device until you pay up. The good news with lock screen is with some savvy moves, it’s somewhat easy to get past a lock screen without paying. Your first action should be not to panic. Find someone you trust with your devices and workstation to diagnose the situation. You’re going to want to reboot your system in safe mode and then run your anti-virus software immediately. Enabling your safe mode will allow you to bypass the paywall and locating where your ransomware is hiding. Getting past the paywall in safe-mode will grant you the access to exterminate.

Last Thought

Remembering to stay on top of your software patching and web/e-mail filtering can be your saving grace. Managed service providers deploy anti-virus software that patches your holes to filter out the bad. Finding a preemptive network solution for your business is the difference between disaster recovery and preparedness.