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Provider with Vision

The story of Vision goes above and beyond technology.

We are Vision

We don’t just want our clients to trust the technology they use every day. It goes further than that. We want our clients to trust the people who make that technology possible, and we believe this can only occur from the inside-out.

It all started with a vision.

It was 1995. The DVD format was just introduced, and the first-ever fully-animated computer film, Toy Story, was about to make history. At the same time, two business professionals in Detroit, Michigan saw a need — a need for reliable IT support and strategic technology solutions. With the motivation and drive that comes with being seasoned entrepreneurs, they began working towards something great — something that would eventually become known as the managed IT service provider - Vision Computer Solutions.


David Marino


VCS’s fearless leader, David Marino, has been leading the company to success since ’00. In a prior life, Marino led a successful automotive manufacturing company in Metro Detroit. Outside of the office, Marino enjoys spending time with family, contributing to his church, and spending time on the beaches of Sanibel Island.

Charles Lobert

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Charles Lobert, has been in the IT industry for nearly two decades & with VCS since ’04. Throughout the years, Lobert has held nearly every position at VCS & is responsible for several major organizational shifts within VCS. Outside of the office you can find him spending time with family & friends, golfing, or snowboarding.

Brian Spurgeon

Vice President of Technology

Brian Spurgeon has over 15 years of experience working in the technology industry, with 10 of those years here at VCS. Brian’s previous roles as a Service Desk Engineer to the Professional Services Manager, have all contributed to how he leads the technical staff as the VP of Technology. When not learning about the latest in tech, Brian likes to spend his time outdoors fishing, hiking, golfing, and snowboarding.

Lou Agoston


Joining forces with Marino in ‘00, Agoston has provided direction for VCS since its founding. Over the span of his career, Agoston has had a proven record of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, founding, nurturing, and selling several businesses in the Metro Detroit area. Outside of the office, Agoston spends time relaxing with his family, hunting, and golfing.

IT happens from the inside-out.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to be happy with the relationship they’ve formed with us and the services we deliver to them. We guarantee this success with our clients by fostering an environment of family throughout the company.
As a result, our employees look at what they do with pride; they hold the same beliefs as the company does, and they strive to work harder with each passing day. This only promotes better customer service, better solutions, and an overall better business.

Max Elsner

Technical Business Analyst

Jeff Scanlon

Senior Professional Services Engineer

Zach Barnes

Professional Services Engineer

Steven Mecklenburg

Professional Services Engineer

Corey Shimshock

Project Implementation Engineer

Eli Haas

NOC Manager

Adam Lewandowski

NOC Engineer

Ryan Liken

Service Desk Manager

Damian Knight

Service Desk Engineer

Adam Morrow

Service Desk Engineer

Annie Stewart


Duane Gilfeather

Service Desk Engineer

Tori Carrel

Service Desk Engineer

Derek Partin

Professional Services Coordinator

VCS employee Paige

Paige Chapman

Executive Adminstrative Assistant

VCS employee Collin

Collin Stone

Service Desk Dispatcher

VCS employee Brandon

Brandon Anspach

Service Desk Engineer

Rebekah Klimkowski

Business Marketing Specialist

Sydney Casey

Marketing Coordinator

Zak McGraw

Marketing Coordinator

Malcolm Morrow

Service Desk Engineer

Michael Morgan

Service Desk Engineer

Timothy Nakapaahu

Service Desk Engineer

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