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Industry-Leading IT Solutions in Metro Detroit

This is the Vision difference.

Improve your company from the inside-out with industry-leading IT solutions. Benefit from innovative takes on how to manage your technology and the security of it all. In the process, experience a world free of contracts, greater mobility, and 100% dedicated support.

Managed IT Services

Improve your company’s relationship with technology and benefit from a contract-free, fully managed IT solution.

Cloud-hosted Desktop

Experience greater mobility and enhance productivity with a completely secure, cloud-based workspace.

Microsoft 365

Improve collaboration with anywhere, anytime access to the most widely-used business applications.

Cloud Computing

Pay only for what you need with a highly secure and industry- compliant cloud computing solution.

Data Backup & Recovery

Protect your data with an industry-leading backup solution that can spin up a virtual server in mere minutes.

IT Security & Awareness

Avoid crippling security threats like ransomware with ongoing employee training and compliance testing.


The ultimate document management and collaboration tool to improve you team’s productivity.

Project Integrations

Receive quality support, expert guidance, and top-of-the-line solutions for IT projects, renovations, and additions.

Remote Work Solutions

Effective remote working comes down to the implemen­tation of a comprehensive strategy for cloud services delivery.

Co-managed It Solutions

Is your internal IT staff overworked with daily, tedious tasks? Are they struggling to make progress on major projects? Then you could benefit from co-managed IT.
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