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The best solution for a cloud-hosted desktop in the country

Empowered workers

Cloud-hosted desktops offer the ideal solution for mobility. This setup allows access to work files and applications from any internet-connected device, enabling employees to work from anywhere. Additionally, the offsite hosting of files and applications ensures protection against cyber threats like ransomware. Cloud-hosted desktops provide a secure solution for creating a mobile workforce.

What you gain:

Cloud-hosted Desktop from Vision

Optimized infrastructure

Reduce Expenses

Transitioning to a cloud-hosted desktop eliminates physical infrastructure and associated costs. Ultimately, this leads to reduced expenses.

Improve Security

Don't let security concerns hold back employee mobility. Your data is hosted in a secure offsite location, safeguarded physically and technologically.

Increase Control

Maintaining security means control over mobile data and applications. Our cloud-hosted desktop gives you the power to manage access across devices.

Astrion partners

Vision Computer Solutions has designed my small business network in two locations and continues to be my key technical advisor. VCS serves as an advisor to our networking needs and has been an invaluable resource to me for my business needs both in Michigan and now in Chicago.

— Lee Anne Stoddart,

Astrion Partners

Reliable Support

We create custom technology solutions for each business we partner with, including our cloud-hosted desktop solution. Let us design a tailored hosted solution that balances control and employee flexibility. With dedicated IT support, we can build a secure and mobile workforce together.

Mobile cloud

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