Managed Security Services

Serving small to mid-sized businesses.

Fully Managed Security Services

Network Security is crucial for every business, but it can be complex to manage. Our team of highly skilled engineers can handle the setup, monitoring, and maintenance 24/7. With our proactive advanced network security measures, you can prevent security issues from disrupting your workday. Trust our expertise and support to keep your business secure.

What you gain

Managed Security Services from Vision

including industry leading advanced security services

Application Monitoring

Control the software on your employees' hardware. Our software alerts us to new downloads, and we seek your approval before installing.

Industry Leading EDR Platform

Stay ahead of threats with our advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform. Using AI, we proactively detect and notify our experts of suspicious activity, taking swift action if a device is compromised.

Vulnerability Management Tool

 Identify and address weak spots in your network before they become problems. Our vulnerability management tool allows thorough scanning and testing to uncover vulnerabilities for timely fixes.

Managed SOC and SEIM

Our managed Security Operations Center (SOC) continuously analyzes your network, including cloud, Microsoft 365, endpoints, and network ports, providing round-the-clock monitoring for potential threats.

MFA & MDM Management

Strengthen your business's security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobile device management (MDM). Our integrated security offering, combined with Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions, ensures robust protection.

Darkweb Monitoring

Keep a constant watch on the dark web for compromised accounts on your domain. Our dark web monitoring scans and alerts us to any potential security breaches, allowing immediate action to safeguard your accounts.

Security Awareness Training

Minimize the risk of network security attacks by training your employees. Our security awareness training includes video sessions and simulations of potential attacks coordinated with your leadership for comprehensive employee education.

Unparalleled IT

Drive business growth with Vision’s IT support. Overcome technology obstacles and focus on what matters most. Request an instant quote and fuel your success.

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