Microsoft 365 touch screen

15 Microsoft 365 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need

Microsoft 365 touch screen


Technology should simplify your life, not cause added stress. As a leading Michigan technology services company, our goal is to create solutions for your IT frustrations.

A complaint we here from various clients is the troubles associated with re-learning how to navigate their Windows’ desktop. As a Microsoft Partner, our office functions primarily on Windows’ operating systems and our own Marketing Manager has experienced what our clients’ frustrations: adapting to Windows’ new look. Alas, our Vision Computer Solutions team began compiling tips and tricks to navigating Windows, to help simplify your life and increase productivity, both in our office and yours.

Vision’s Top 15 Microsoft 365 Tips :

1. Show Desktop Windows Key + D
2. File Search Windows Key + F
3. Settings Windows Key + I
4. Lock PC & Go to Lock Screen Windows Key + L
5. Minimize All Windows Windows Key + M
6. Restore All Minimized Windows Windows Key + Shift + M
7. Maximize Current Window Windows Key + Up Arrow
8. Minimize Current Window Windows Key + Down Arrow
9. Maximize To Left of Screen Windows Key + Left Arrow
10. Maximize To Right of Screen Windows Key + Right Arrow
11. Open Task Manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc
12. Delete Without Sending to Recycle Bin Shift + Delete
13. Cycle Through Notifications Windows Key + V
14. Cycle Through in Reverse Order Windows Key + Shift + V
15. Open Windows Help & Support Windows Key + F1


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