3 Undeniable Facts About Outsourcing Your IT Department

Fact #1 Tier 1 service desk will boost your productivity

Three people looking after your resources is better than just one. This reigns true in the IT industry. Outsourcing your IT desk components means more individuals with the robust skill set to keep systems running full throttle. Having a department of experts readily available for you to call is the best way to get the qualified answers you need for your infrastructure. Working in unison, a team can collaborate and offer different insights into your IT projects, almost like receiving second opinions for a doctor visit.

Not only are you mitigating risk while boosting your workflow efficiency, you essentially pick up the phone, dial, and your problems are now being handled by a highly experienced and functional IT department that knows your environment.

Fact #2 Your IT department will be flexible

No more having to worry about letting your “IT guy” take leave for a vacation or birth in the family. No matter the holiday or occasion, you won’t have to schedule backup in case someone needs to take time off. Critical employees taking vacation means you need someone else to pick up the slack and they need to be educated on your processes.

Your outsourced IT service will not  have an issue picking up the slack. Whether it’s Christmas eve or 2am Sunday morning, chances are, someone you know can be working on your ticket, or picking up the phone. Reducing uncertainty about alleviating duties is really what makes managed IT services a shining model for your infrastructure.

Fact#3 Less responsibility = lower stakes

Putting less responsibility on your employees to monitor their own systems is a full-time job. Your disaster preparation plan might not be comprehensive if you’re not placing dedicated people in line to fix issues. IT support invests a fortune into backup services to prevent critical casualties that could happen to your network or data. No employee needs to be that hero and backup to a thumb drive that is later misplaced in the Cafe down the street.

Last thought

When evaluating your options, keep in mind every business has different needs. Tailor-made IT support for your industry does exist and finding a tier 1 support group can be more affordable than you think.