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4 tech stats and what they mean for your SMB

As each year passes by, businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to feel the effect of growing trends in advancing technology. Adapting to these changes early on in their development enables SMBs to effectively scale their operations while benefiting from the automation and efficiency that new technology provides.

Most recently, there have been several surprising statistics that help paint a picture of what the future will bring for small businesses. Here are four growing trends in business technology and what their numbers mean for your organization.

Stronger focus on mobile operations

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, increased mobility for business operations is critical. Now, 89 percent of all small businesses use mobile devices to manage team members and core aspects of the company. Outsourcing part or most of an organization’s workforce, specifically in IT and sales departments, is becoming a popular employment alternative for scaling businesses.

By investing in mobile solutions, companies can stay connected with their teams regardless of where they’re located, leading to better collaboration and productivity. Besides communication benefits, more advanced mobility has made it easier than ever for businesses to accept digital payments for products and services as well as provide live chat services for their customers.

More companies are migrating to the cloud

As the need for better-connected systems and more advanced networked solutions continues to rise, 92 percent of all businesses are now investing in cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions have become incredibly affordable and in many cases significantly reduce the costs associated with on-premise enterprise solutions.

Off-site access to company information and better collaborative capabilities make cloud migration a popular choice for businesses that value a more secure and productive working environment.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise

Some of the most surprising statistics in business technology are found in the cybersecurity sector. A staggering 43 percent of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, with only a tiny percentage of companies able to combat them effectively.

While the severity of these attacks differs from one organization to another, it is imperative that businesses invest in active security measures to protect their digital assets from hackers. Managed service providers and in-house IT staff can now implement on-premise and hosted services to mitigate the latest cybersecurity threats.

Developments in business automation and ERP solutions

In a recent study reviewing several departmental functions and operational demands, it was shown that modern technology could automate 45 percent of regular day-to-day business functions. These savings in time and resources come in the form of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and other analytical toolsets that are designed to maximize operational efficiency and track real-time business data.

What’s next?

As small businesses look for ways to make better-informed decisions and position themselves for higher growth potential, cloud migration and use of these hosted services provide limitless benefits through a highly scalable infrastructure.

As technology continues to advance, so do the opportunities afforded to small businesses wishing to take advantage of the dynamic digital landscape. Vision Computer Solutions is a managed IT service company located in Detroit, MI, with a focus on helping small businesses wanting to improve the way they use and implement new technology into their organization.

By updating your infrastructure and adapting to new requirements in your IT development, you can enjoy the benefits that come from better operational efficiency and improved team collaboration.