5 ways an MSP keeps your technology healthy

As companies begin to improve their operations and scalability, the adoption of new software and other advancements in their infrastructure become a necessity. However, while new technology implementation can undoubtedly help companies stay productive, properly maintaining those business enhancements can sometimes be challenging.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are an excellent solution to businesses wishing to improve their software and hardware solutions but also keep them up-to-date and operating efficiently. Here are five ways that MSPs can keep your technology healthy and continuously enhance your company’s infrastructure.

Scalable software and hardware implementation

Rather than blindly recommending new system software and hardware solutions, MSPs take a consultative approach to new technology implementation. By auditing your business and better understanding its needs, managed service providers can develop affordable enterprise solutions that are right for your business. Whether you need a cloud-based service or on-premise IT services, MSPs have the industry experience to ensure your company has the tools it needs to grow.

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Regularly scheduled maintenance

Most managed service providers employ a global team that can work on schedules well outside your company’s core hours. This flexibility is hugely beneficial when it comes to the upkeep of your technology, ensuring necessary software patches and data backups are completed after hours when it won’t affect day-to-day operations.

MSPs maintain a proactive approach to IT service versus traditional break-fix methods. This enthusiastic form of system optimization is very beneficial when it comes to reducing downtime and ensuring your technology maintains its usability.

24-hour monitoring and support

The benefits of new enterprise solutions can quickly diminish if your system is not able to function when it’s needed most. By hiring an MSP, you’re set up to have 24-hour monitoring and support for all of your software and hardware integrations, ensuring your systems run efficiently all day.

Managed service providers are incredibly adaptable and can provide onsite or remote support as needed. This accessibility allows MSPs to understand the growing needs of your organization and upgrade or change technology as required.

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Advanced security measures

One of the most significant benefits an MSP can provide is their dedication to the overall security of your software and hardware. Managed service providers are well-versed in all the latest cybersecurity risks to your system and can deploy the most recent security measures to ensure your business remains safe.

These countermeasures come in the form of business-grade firewalls, layered anti-virus and anti-spam monitoring protocols, and secure digital asset management. MSPs can reduce the vulnerabilities within your system and help you avoid dangerous and expensive compromises to your software and data.

Disaster recovery

Regardless of the preventative measures you take to keep your technology running efficiently, natural disasters, system compromises, and other catastrophic events can bring your system to a standstill. It’s in these moments that proactive planning is the key to getting your business back up and recovering any lost data.

MSPs perform regular system backups and can quickly recover systems, bringing everything back online efficiently and expeditiously. Disaster recovery planning is a critical component to business survivability, and managed service providers have the tools you need to plan for these rare events efficiently.


Developing new systems and incorporating more advanced business technology is an excellent way for companies to manage their productivity and scale efficiently. By hiring an MSP, you can ensure that this technology continues to stay healthy over time and bring you a positive return on investment.

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