The Single Best Path to Winning Your Best Brand Advocates

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of revamping your marketing plan for ’17 or sticking to the same plan as last year, integrated marketing initiatives are exhaustive—and budgets are sometimes minimal—even non-existent. It’s still important to recognize that marketing is a cornerstone to healthy growth from within.

The gauging question is: How can a small-medium sized business scale the importance of marketing? Transforming your current customers into proud advocates. Connecting with your customers in an authentic way by listening will make your company memorable.

Listen to your customers and accept critical feedback whenever it’s due. This is the only path to fostering a strong relationship with your advocates. Every interaction is an opportunity to listen. Take this path to winning over the hearts of your audience and your business will start to seem irresistible.

Arm Customers With Tools to Feel Invincible

To invoke emotion towards your brand you need to start giving your customers a reason to latch on to your Identity and processes. Beyond sharing branded items like pens and T-shirts, don’t be afraid to show them how you do your job. Opening up your toolbox and proving to them you are confident in what you do will only make your customer know they’re making the right choice.

For instance, an IT support firm’s tools for invincibility is in software and customer service. IT solutions may seem like an intangible overhead cost but letting your customers take a peek inside your toolbox will give them assurance and attachment to your brand experience.

Deliver VIP status

Your valued customer base will know they’re valued when they’re the cream of the crop. Invitations to a beta test or new product before its released to the public can make a difference from a client perspective. You keep loyal a customer and they become an instant micro-influencer for your new product. This is also a great time to receive feedback on how you’re doing. And most of the time your most loyal customer will you give you honest feedback.

The greatest benefit of creating advocacy is the impact you will make on the opportunity you’ve already won. Your current customers are your greatest asset, so start treating them like one.

IT solutions and IT support can create advocacy by instilling a brand experience to their clients. Offering a stellar customer service desk and project delivery are a couple ways we invest in the customer experience. Don’t be afraid to show off your toolbox and prove yourself, and if you stick to the path mentioned above, you’ll be sure to churn fans into passionate advocates.