Visions’ Co-Managed IT Services Gives Engineering Firm Peace Of Mind

Vision Computer Solutions Gives Engineering Firm Peace Of Mind With Their Co-Managed IT Services

When your IT support isn’t meeting your needs, it’s obvious. Whether it’s how often you’re stuck waiting for them to respond to a request or the frustration you feel every time you get another invoice with a long list of fees you didn’t expect, these problems are infuriating.

The fact is that your computers, phones and other business technologies are a very important part of your daily work. That’s why you need to have IT support you can rely on to keep your systems operational, at a predictable, reasonable cost.

That was the case for this engineering firm, a new client of ours. Before partnering with Vision Computer Solutions, they had ongoing problems with their IT. They enlisted our expert assistance through our co-managed IT services, adding additional support and resources for their IT team.

“The main thing I was lacking with our former provider was peace of mind,” says a senior member of the firm. “I needed a partner I could trust and rely on and know that when the inevitable hiccup came along, it would be addressed.”

Visions’ Co-Managed IT Services Gives Engineering Firm Peace Of Mind

What Does Vision Computer Solutions Do For This Firm?

Proactive & Responsive IT Support

The fact is that, even if your IT support is fast, there’s still some amount of downtime for you and your team to deal with every time something goes wrong. Whether it’s five minutes or five hours, that’s time in which you’re paying wages and other operating expenses, but you’re not getting anything accomplished. That’s what this firm’s previous IT support was like.

With Vision Computer Solutions, the firm gets proactive support.

“I received a proactive server alert by email notification. I happened to have the ScreenConnect console open and saw that in less than a minute from the email notification, someone was connected to the server and investigating. What a great feeling to know that I have Vision as an extension of my IT team to monitor and respond to issues. Vision’s team has exceeded my expectations vastly.”

Easily-Budgeted Support

With their previous IT company, this engineering firm had difficulty budgeting for their support. Every time that had an IT issue, the company would focus on the cost of fixing it, and often tack on additional fees.

“I discussed my frustration being “nickel and dimed” by my last provider. Vision is such a wonderful change in that regard as well. Instead of leading every response with a discussion about the potential cost, the focus is on resolving the issue or making the improvement.”

When Vision Computer Solutions’ team addressed a problem for the firm, the focus is on was on the solution. While there may be a cost for the fix, it’s not the priority, and it’s clearly explained and justified.

“We have had engagements for an additional cost, and we have had many without it. What comes through loud and clear is that Vision cares about my success, and wants to help first and foremost.”

Vision Computer Solutions Delivers Cost-Effective And Proactive IT Support

Are you encountering the same problems with your IT support? Stop relying on an unreliable team, and stop paying unexpected fees to get your problems fixed.

Vision Computer Solutions can give you the peace of mind you want from your IT company, whether we’re fully managing your IT, or providing additional support as a part of our co-managed IT services. Get in touch with our team to start solving your IT problems for good.

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