Detroit’s Best Podcasts Relating to Technology

TwitterIf you’re from the Detroit Metro Area, there’s a good chance you have some sort of commute in the morning. Bite-sized podcasts can be your morning and afternoon commute savior. If you don’t already have a list of podcasts to listen to each week, you’re missing out.

The recent years of tech start-ups and thought leaders have produced a great value in the Detroit TechCast market.  The best part about it? The discussions are focused on business and tech in Detroit, odds are these shows are talking about something that affects the way you do business. Most of the time, streaming these shows are free and can scale your business practice with latest technology strategies in your industry.

If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, here’s our recommendations for Detroit’s best podcasts currently streaming:

IT in the D

Detroits best podcasts, IT in the D

Hosted by IT veterans, Bob Waltenspiel and Dave Phillips. Each show includes current events and stories surrounding the Detroit Metro Area. Local IT thought leaders also lend their voice as a Tech Oracle in the industry.

Bob and Dave have been partnering for over 10 years and have been featured in some of the most renowned publications, locally and nationwide. The duo provides a great chemistry on air that never gets stale.

Internet Advisor  

Detroits best podcasts, internet advisor

These guys have all the answers to your problems and are all about improving your experience on the web. Malware and phishing can make the internet a dangerous place, but these experts discuss the latest news and practice to fight that. Recommended highly if your business operates on eCommerce.

Business and Beer 

Detroits best podcasts, Business and Beer








Vision Computer Solutions is happy to announce their inaugural podcast debuting early October.  Business and Beer will be featuring a local brewery owner in the Detroit area with each new episode. Topics of discussion will feature Vice President Charles Lobert and featured guests discussing how technology has leveraged their business in the brewing industry. Stay tuned for the debut. Episode 1 will be featuring the Northville Brewing Company.