How Cloud Solutions are Boosting Your Organizational Agility

Business Cloud Productivity

As a business owner, it’s critical you’re finding the best solution possible for the greatest economic value. It’s guaranteed you’ve heard of cloud software and what features it brings. But few understand its true power and have yet to harness it. Put it this way, a study in 2014 by suggests “Companies that aren’t taking advantage of the cloud movement will be in the minority in less than 6 years.” The clock is still ticking and your proverbial window is closing. Bottom line, your migration to the cloud will be a swift acceleration for your business.

Cloud Computing Makes IT Support So Much Sweeter

A great cloud service provider will take care of everything. Daily security routines, updating patches for operational programs. A shift to the cloud reduces your need for in-house maintenance of your systems and this means less risk on your behalf when governing sensitive information. In the long run, this will save you time and money.

The Connected Workforce

In the digital technologies age, it makes sense that collaborative platforms will garner your highest ROI. Granting easily accessible files to the people that need them and from wherever they’re working. Sales meeting, home or plane. Putting your files in central quarters alleviates time sending back and forth files to each employee in your workforce. A survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan highlighted that an investment into cloud platforms increased productivity by 400%.

Disaster Resiliency

Losing your entire client base by the hands of a natural disaster (or man-made disaster) have been a reality for some. It’s important to not become another statistic and give disaster preparation the respect it deserves. Providers have urged this message for a long time and with cloud flexibility, it’s now easier than ever. A large shift toward cloud storage of data gives cloud service providers the power to devote extensive resources toward protection.