How to Leverage iOS12 Enhancements to Boost Productivity

How to Use iOS12 to Instantly Share Information With Colleagues

Want an easier way to communicate with your colleagues? Save time and reduce errors by learning how to instantly exchange information using iOS12’s share feature. 

Beginning with Apple’s release of iOS8, it has been easier to share information, files and apps with others, including colleagues. The feature continues to be available in iOS12 as either an icon or a share link within apps. Individuals can share information within a message, an email, or by using AirDrop. The share feature also integrates with social media apps, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. iOS users can also share information with themselves through apps such as Notes and Reminders. The ability to seamlessly and instantaneously share information with others can boost productivity regardless of whether everyone is in the same office. By learning how to share files, images and media, employees can keep exchanging important and relevant content when urgency is a factor.

Using the Share Icon

With built-in iOS apps such as Photos or Safari, the share feature is available through the share icon, which is usually located at the bottom. In iOS12, the share icon resembles a single document or piece of paper with an arrow extending from the top. To share an image, a web page or link, or information within the News app, tap the share icon. In some of the built-in apps, the share icon will be located at the top instead of the bottom.

Besides news stories, articles, useful internet links, and images, location information from the Maps app can be shared with others. Venue information for meetings, conferences, and events that occur outside of the office can be exchanged without having to type all of the information within a separate email. Likewise, if one individual has written notes from an interview or something similar, the share icon is available within the Notes app to send it to the person that needs it. The act of retyping the information in an email or trying to describe it in a voicemail is no longer necessary.

Using the Share Feature

Some of the apps within iOS12 allow sharing, but do not display the share icon. The Contacts app is one of them. Employees can still share contact information, including name, phone number and email address using the “Share Contact” link.

Apple’s iOS12 also displays its share feature with three dots within apps that contain music and videos. The three dots represent a menu that brings up a series of options, including the ability to share. Depending on the app and the media, one could see a “Share Song,” “Share Album,” or “Share Episode” link. Podcasts with useful tips and information related to one’s industry, discipline, and particular role can be shared this way.

The need to share information with colleagues is not new, but the ability to instantly share pertinent information and files in digital form is. Learning how to leverage built-in mobile tools can make the process easier, more efficient, and more accurate. Apple’s iOS12 share feature is one of those tools that can become critical to productivity while traveling or working remotely. With modern smartphone capabilities, waiting to share information or taking extra steps to ensure colleagues are kept in the loop no longer have to be part of employees’ normal routines.

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