How To Post Your Own 360-Degree Photo on Facebook


If 2016 represented any pop culture shift, it’s that the general populace is pushing for more immersive experiences through photo and video development. We all witnessed PokemonGo ascend to the zenith of this movement, which followed by thousands of people trying to replicate. You might not have the overhead to hire your own app developers, but there are tools that can deliver the immersive experience your audience is looking for.

Recently, Facebook announced the ability to produce your own slideshows and share 360-degree photos to your own timeline. Although you cannot currently take the 360 photo within the app itself there are third party applications that will capture a panoramic photo to upload into your news feed.

The future will revolve around interactive imaging, 2D is a thing of the past. The great thing about 360-degree photos is you don’t need a special camera to produce stunning quality on your social channels. Chances are you already have a phone or tablet that capture the right specifications needed to publish your own 360 images.

Google Street View is a fantastic way to take your own 360 photos which can be exported to your phone or tablet and uploaded anywhere. All you need to do is download the Google Street View application to your Android or iPhone. This is another great way to score some extra points with google maps by showcasing a walkthrough of your office space or storefront. When you activate your 360 images through Street View anyone that encounters your address will have the option to explore.

After capturing the inside of your business or a captivating scenery of your choice, just export the panoramic picture to your phone. From there you will have your 360 photos waiting to be posted on your business Facebook page.

If you’re not totally sold on the 360 photo feature here are some ideas that might align with your social strategy:

  • Show Customers Your Store or Specialized Product Selections to Drive Foot Traffic
  • Post Real-Time Experiences to Support Live Events
  • Share Landmarks to Guide Customers to Your Location
  • Build an image of your company from the customers perspective