Instant Messaging For Your Business is a Great Idea

Intuitive, powerful communication apps also known as business productivity applications are transforming large and small companies across all industries. These indispensable tools can be utilized usually for little to no cost, and integrate seamless communication for three to fifty users at any given time. The advantages for your business are clear, but with so many different platforms to choose from, selecting one over the other could turn into a heavy task. Here are important qualities to consider when deciding which application is right for your team:


Obviously, your number one concern overall should be finding a messaging service virtually impossible of being intercepted by third party black-hats. With the world’s most powerful electronic spying agency, the NSA, its harder than it seems. Securing vital customer information and internal dialogue in your messaging exchanges should be a major factor when deciding what’s best for you. Robust end-to-end encryption systems must be implemented, fortified platforms like Slack and WhatsApp, create a virtual chat interface with a widely respected encryption service attached.


Slack comes through again when it comes to acquainting new users with a user-friendly interface. The application features a helpful companion “Slackbot”, who is beside every user, each step of the way. Also, Slack has a unique drag and drop file sharing ability and integrates beautifully with Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Avaamo, is a great option for mobile sales force communicating remotely with clients or users in different area codes. Avaamo, free version also includes an “off the record mode” where messages being exchanged automatically self-destruct and disappear after conversations conclude.


Emu is a messaging service identical to WhatsApp, but specifically geared toward professionals. Emu is a straightforward version of WhatsApp, with simplistic organizational tools to book appointments for the week or month looking ahead. Sharing your location, voice notes and texting are made to be a lot easier assessable through the app. Emu also lets you snooze messages for when you have time to reply a sender.