Logical Fallacies and the Managed Service Provider

Every day, more organizations are discovering the pivotal role of IT leadership within their business. As company’s employee population Increases the need for managed service providers also increase. More organizations are choosing to work with MSP’s as the market grows with maturity, while some businesses are still ambivalent to change. If you’re experiencing these feelings currently with your IT department, keep reading. The following misconceptions are what you need to think about.

MSP’s won’t understand the nature of my business, or clients.

Of course, your business has its own sub-culture and dynamic, which serves your employees and clients a definitive character and personality that links everyone together under your brand; so true. Efficient MSPs have the unique privilege of working and applying their expertise in every industry. Technicians are like boundary spanners when it comes to serving your organization. You can be confident your technician will get acclimated to your core business in as much time as any other hire, while also being an expert in their own field. Added bonus: no training required

I just hired an Internal person and now I have to fire them.

This is not necessarily the case; we partner with a great number internal IT supports every day. Internal employees dedicated to internal IT support are a great source of information to work hand-in-hand with and represent a main point of contact when projects or tasks need to be completed in a timely matter. An internal IT technician and MSP make a great a tandem for business productivity and bridge the gap between communication and transparency.

Hiring an MSP costs more than paying my own people

Acquiring a managed service provider for your company is like acquiring a hive mind of talent all in one. So, it’s understandable to think you might be getting charged a considerable price for full-time support and access to multiple technicians. In reality, a business model similar to an MSP, allows them to serve a majority of clients and keep costs minimal.

Procuring talent contingent to your organizations’ goals should be #1. The real secret to making that critical MSP hire is finding a firm that aligns your business goals with their own, putting you in the forefront, along with your desired business objectives.