Meet Our Team: Jeff Scanlon


What Do You Do Here At Vision?

“I am one of the Professional Services Engineers. I am the Senior on the team and I maintain and manage projects, review and look over assessments and work with my team to deploy and integrate new solutions for new or existing clients. ”

Describe Vision In Three Words.

“Fun, Reliable, and Innovative.”

As A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

“I wasn’t sure but I loved video games and computers.”

What Is the Most Challenging Thing About Your Job?

“Maintaining my schedule and not being distracted by things .”

What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

“Getting my wife to fall in love with me.”

What Do You Think Is The Most Important Quality Necessary For Success?

“The willingness to always want to learn.”

What Do You Like Most About Vision?

“I like that they look out for you and want you to succeed.”

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

“Mess around the house and the yard.”

What’s Your Top Life Hack?

“”Someone somewhere has done what your trying. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it.”