Microsoft is Hosting Free Skype Meetings for SMB’s


Today, Microsoft unveiled a free HD tool for business owners looking to bring the team together, by just sharing a web browser link. Skype Meetings that host up to ten people is now free for the next sixty days, and then unlimited days for meetings up to three after that. Users included in the skype session will be allowed to access PowerPoint presentations, and virtual laser point guides for muted users.

“In addition, Skype for Business is integrated with other Office 365 apps to enable you to do things like schedule a Skype meeting with your Outlook calendar, see your colleagues’ presence, and initiate an IM or start an audio or video conversation within apps like Outlook, Word and PowerPoint,” Microsoft explains.

Even though Microsoft already hosts a version of Skype for small business users currently using Office365, the newly launched web based application introduced by Microsoft is ideal for on-the-go updates on projects, or simple first-time meetings with colleagues that aren’t using other versions of video software, just by sharing a simple URL. Essentially, Skype Meetings is a simplified version of Skype small business that’s included in the o365 package. Even if you’re currently not looking to migrate over to cloud’s 365 solutions. Skype Meetings are totally free and collaborates everyone, everywhere without a paid 365 subscription.