The MSP Show: Get To Know Chuck Lobert & Vision Computer Solutions

Chuck Lobert From Vision Computer Solutions Talks Technical And Marketing For MSPs

In the latest episode of The MSP Show with Stuart Crawford, Vision Computer Solutions’ very own Chuck Lobert shared his MSP journey, moving from the technical side to the marketing and sales area of the business. Check out the full episode here:

While Chuck started in the MSP sector years ago working in technical roles, in his time at Vision, his work has steadily evolved. He transitioned from the technical side to project management, and then as a technical consultant for Vision’s sales initiatives. When the opportunity came up to take on a leadership role in marketing and sales, Chuck went for it.

Over the course of the episode, Chuck explained a number of key priorities he holds for his work in the MSP world:

  • Harness New Technologies: From general cloud services to specific offerings like Microsoft SharePoint and virtual desktops, Chuck and the Vision Computer Solutions team are always working to stay up to date with the latest changes in the tech landscape. “We always try to make sure that we’re on top of whatever the latest technology is, that we learn it very well, experiment with it, get used to it, and then come out with it as an offering for our clients as well,” says Chuck.
  • Recognize The “New Normal”: The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted major change in the business world, particularly with the adoption of work-from-home models. As businesses get opportunities to return to work in the office, it’s important to recognize that not all will – there are many benefits to remote work even outside of the pandemic. “People are going to have to get used to this work-from-home model,” says Chuck. “To the point where, somebody wakes up and they’re not feeling well, they can just work from home, they don’t have to take that PTO day.”
  • Support Clients’ Businesses, Not Just Their Technology: A successful MSP needs to do more than keep their client’s technology supported – they have to provide insight as to where technology and business overlap. When technology is strategically aligned with a client’s business goals, the MSPs value in that partnership is that much greater.
    “A lot of my career has been working as a virtual CIO to all of our clients,” says Chuck.
  • Evolve Your Marketing: Chuck and Stuart spoke at length about the Vision Computer Solutions podcast TechTalk Detroit, and how it isn’t a direct sales effort, but more of a way to share insight, add personality to a brand, and continue to promote the business. “I think that’s really the next phase of the marketing world is expanding to digital,” says Stuart. “You can put this on your LinkedIn, your Facebook, you could throw it on your website, there are lots of applications for this type of content.”

The bottom line for Chuck is that marketing is a continuous effort. Yes, you need a plan, and yes, you should expect that return on your efforts – but it’s not a one-time thing.

“You have to keep doing it, even if you don’t see immediate results,” says Chuck. “It’s going to take time.”

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