TechTalk Detroit EP 011: Maintaining Business Continuity with a Remote Workforce (Feat. George from Datto)

Maintaining Business Continuity with a Remote Workforce

maintaining business continuity with a remote workforce

What does Datto do?

Datto offers unified continuity, networking, and business management solutions.

How is Datto helping clients adjust to working remote? (2:24)

Since Datto’s clients are already setup on the cloud, transitioning to a 100% remote workspace was easy.

How did Datto employees adjust to working at home?

With the Datto team being setup on the cloud, only additional hardware had to be accounted for. However, if needed, the Datto operations team was able to provide all Datto employees with the proper hardware within 24-hours.

How Will The Pandemic Change The Way Business is Done?

The pandemic will force for businesses to reconsider their position in working from home.

Some benefits of working from home include:

  • Working from home while feeling ill.
  • Less time and money spent on commuting.
  • More of a work life balance.

Are you Secure while working from home? (8:00)

What Do You Do if Your Business is Not Fully cloud based? (10:27)

Cybersecurity has become a big issue for remote workers. There has been an increase of the following since March 2020:

  • Phishing emails
  • Malware distribution

Unfortunately, while working from home you may not have the same security configurations.

What is the importance of a Continuity Plan? (16:20)

Without a business continuity plan, your business could:

  • Acquire additional costs due to not being able to access your data.
  • Damage your brands reputation.
  • Risk not being able to provide data if audited by the government.

Datto makes it possible for businesses to stay afloat, grow, and be profitable. (23:01)

Have you heard? We’re a Datto Platinum Partner!