Secure Employee Offboarding for HR professionals

Secure employee offboarding
Increased hiring in almost all sectors of business is sure to churn more turnover in the early months of 2017. Recognizing this fact, it’s important that human resources work with IT to design an effective employee offboarding process. Reducing information risks should be your number one priority when employee separation is apparent.

Fifty-nine percent of employees admit to “stealing” protected company data when leaving a job, according to PCWorld.

When someone leaves your company, they are leaving with a plethora of inside information. Especially for senior level employees, when termination or resignation is imminent, capturing information is a critical HR task in this hyper-technical environment. It’s imperative that your IT department is involved with your deboarding process every step of the way.

With many work environments hosting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD), internal and external risks are increasing. Cloud-based applications are a double edged sword. Cloud tools allow knowledge to be accessible to others in your environment, and a culture of knowledge sharing should be fostered to decrease the chances of employees leaving with open loopholes. Using a documentation tool can facilitate a clean transition in offboarding for HR professionals.

If you’re sensing the employee could be a potential threat to security, consider teaming up with your IT department. The following steps reduce risks of possible information leak and losses.

  • Disable all access to workstations and cloud applications
  • Scramble all e-mail credentials and employee sign-ins
  • Send proper documents to employee to return company property

There is no guarantee your employees aren’t walking around with USB’s backing up  information. Preemptive solutions will deter an employee from taking this risk. E-mail monitoring and bolstered security can prevent complicated situations.

Secure employee offboarding starts with establishing employee guidelines. Make sure use of technology with employees is clearly educated to mitigate risks. Teaming up with your IT department can be the difference of a critical loss of information when parting ways, don’t make that mistake. Support desks can be on the standby to shut off all technical communications with your employee.