Snapchat is Transforming the Social Media Marketing Mix

Unlike any other social app, Snapchat is far more creative and inclusive to all ages, from tweens to adults in the professional world. Snapchat’s users gross over 100 million every day, 65% of those snap chat users are active with more than one snap each day, tapping into a rather large segment of millennials and backward to Generation X. “How can I use Snapchat to market my small business?” Allocating additional dollars for an unproven marketing channel warrants risk, however, there are indeed, small businesses hitting gold with Snapchat.

If you’re not a Snapchat user and not entirely sure how it works, here’s a nice infographic.

Although, individuals Snapchat are fleeting as someone opens their inbox, often the most creative “Snapsterpiece” are curated and then posted to Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. The save photo and screenshot functions make Snapchats outlast regular lifecycles of the 24-hour content. The powerhouse brands that have already latched on engage their audience through specific channels targeted to a selected audience. Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and much more all host brands to support visual campaigns.

A campaign from high-caliber socialites like Gatorade or Nike might not have the same budget as you do, but there are ways you can make it work for your brand by just being visible to potential customers.

Showcasing your life day-to-day

Unique niche storefronts have a sizeable advantage when producing special behind the scenes footage of their work. Restaurants/bakeries can upload an entire montage on signature dishes, giving their customers more interaction with cooks, chefs and maybe even an appearance from you the owner. There are a lot of possibilities in video and picture format, you’re essentially letting customers in your store for a digital sneak peek.

Giveaways or Contests

You can create a substantial amount of buzz in very little time with a special 24-hour discount or free gift with a purchase to stir up excitement. The offer can even entice customers in the store to follow your Snapchat account in exchange for a free item next visit in the store.

Don’t be afraid

Outside of purely using Snapchat as a marketing channel, this isn’t your traditional social platform. Don’t tread lightly, and do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Your goal should be to engage your customer one snap at a time, like you would in any human interaction. Just Have fun