Switching IT Companies

Should You Switch Your IT Company?

Many people dread having to switch IT companies. They believe that changing IT companies is a complicated process. Are you one of them? 

Switching IT companies can be a necessary activity. It can save you from IT support frustrations and working with an IT company that does not help you achieve your objectives. 

While changing your IT company can be a challenge, you can transition manageably. Ensuring the switch is successful can save your company from IT support failure risks. 

Clients often ask Vision Computer Solutions how they can ensure switching IT companies is successful. Vision Computer Solutions provides IT services and support. This article will help you discover how you can simplify IT companies’ change and ensure it is a success. 

Characteristics of a Successful Switch of IT Companies

What distinguishes a successful change of IT companies from the rest? 

Successful switch of IT companies has these characteristics. 

  • Companies acknowledge and mitigate the risks. 
  • The switch ensures an organization ends up with a good IT company. 
  • You follow a plan. 
  • The switch leverages the support of IT professionals. 

Potential Risks When Switching IT Companies: You may face some risks when switching IT companies.

  • You May Have Service Gaps: It takes some time for the new IT company to familiarize itself with your network and start providing IT services. You may lack IT support if you do not account for this period. 
  • There Can Be Unidentified Backdoors Into Your System: Your outgoing IT company can have backdoors it uses to access your network. They may misuse these access points if you do not seal them when changing IT companies. 
  • You May Lose Information: Your outgoing IT company can delete some of your information as retaliation for finding a new IT company.
  • You May Not Switch to a Good IT Company: Your organization can switch to an indifferent or a worse IT company. 

How can you mitigate these risks when switching IT companies? 

Your organization can mitigate the risks involved in switching IT companies by changing to a good IT company and following a reliable plan. 

Signs of a Good IT Company

How can you know you are dealing with a good IT company? 

Switching to an indifferent or a worse IT company can lead to more frustrations and cannot help you achieve your goals. Switch to a good IT company to avoid these problems.

You deal with a good IT company if you notice these signs.  

  • The IT Company Prioritizes Cybersecurity: An IT company prioritizes cybersecurity by having protocols that will protect your network from changing cybersecurity threats. You can check their cybersecurity protocols with other clients and see if they have cybersecurity experts. A company that pays attention to cybersecurity reduces your vulnerability to cyberattacks. It saves you from the effects of network breaches, such as downtime, financial losses, data loss, and damage to your reputation. 
  • The IT Company Is Reachable: An IT company is reachable if they provide active communication channels, such as telephone numbers, ticket system, and email support. The company should also listen and act on your complaints or requests. Your organization may need to reach the IT company for clarification or during emergencies. You will have frustrations and avoidable losses if you cannot contact the IT company. 
  • The IT Company Ensures Compliance: An IT company can help you comply with regulations if they have the relevant certifications, hire professionals, and know the essential rules of your industry. For example, IT companies offering support to medical institutions should know and comply with HIPAA Rules and Regulations. Dealing with an IT company that helps you comply with rules can save you from penalties, such as hefty fines and suspensions of your licenses. 
  • The IT Company Provides Proactive Support: An IT company that offers foresighted support helps you identify IT opportunities and problems early. For example, they can have frequent maintenance of your IT infrastructure. These checks ensure your network works well, and you identify and fix IT issues early. Working with a proactive IT company helps you enjoy IT opportunities and deal with situations before they cause substantial losses. 
  • The IT Company Has Excellent Reviews: An IT company offers reliable support if its clients are saying good things about them. You may check for reviews on search engines, social media, or other platforms. Knowing what past clients say can inform your expectations and decision on whether to work with a company. 

Once you identify a good IT company, follow a comprehensive plan for the switch. 

Steps to Follow When Switching IT Companies: Follow these steps as you switch IT companies. 


  • Do not rush to cancel your IT support from the outgoing IT company. Wait until the new company is familiar with your IT needs and starts offering services. 
  • Get admin privileges to everything on your network. Have a master list of all login credentials and settings. 
  • Request the new IT company to conduct an extensive security review of your IT infrastructure. This analysis identifies and fixes backdoors and missing information. 
  • Cancel the services from the outgoing IT company once you get support from the new company.
  • Communicate the change to stakeholders, such as employees. This communication helps them know new protocols and other relevant details. 


Vision Computer Solutions offers IT solutions and support to organizations. Our services include managed IT services, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies. 

Vision Computer Solutions can help you switch IT companies. Our experts will help you: 

  • Plan for the change of IT companies. 
  • Identify and avoid the risks involved. 
  • Compare your options to settle on the right choice. 

Are You Ready to Switch IT Companies?

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