TechFest 2016: Meet the Tech Leaders of IT Innovation June 9th at Noah’s of Auburn Hills

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Each year the number of high-quality technology conferences doubles. So your team scrambles allocating enough funds to attend while estimating which opportunities will create the greatest return on investment for your business. You won’t have trouble compiling a long list of conferences featuring cutting edge tools and public figures. TechFest 2016 brings all the excitement of a thriving IT industry to Metro Detroit. Specially crafted for start-ups and small businesses in our backyard, TechFest offers a unique and refreshing experience to evaluate your own company goals and fiscal plans without the hassle of high registration fees or plane tickets.

Nowadays, career development and education is a cyclical process and is a process that is shared with your customers. When you attend an event, your company is representing your customers. There’s no sense internalizing the latest key business practices and knowledge without intending to share that with your customers.


Gaining Insight into the technology sector considerably leverages your value proposition to your clients. In the world of technology, knowledge is power. Knowledge is something TechFest 16’ is deeply rooted in. Exposure and access to some of the industry’s thought leaders from Microsoft, Dell, and Datto have the floor for the day and will be lending their time to visually demonstrate the latest additions to their product suite. Developrise and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers are also offering intensive technical training from their patented customer educational courses ($3,000 value).

A variety of topics will be covered throughout the day including, but not limited to:

  • Security Blind Spots: What’s Lurking & How to Stop It
  • Embracing Productivity: The Right Device
  • Your Website: Why Making the Right Investment is Key for Your Business
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery- A Live Demo
  • Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience- Featuring Vision’s President of Technology Charles Lobert

Now is the time to bolster your repertoire with hands-on demonstrations, training, and strategic business planning-specialized for SMBs in Metro Detroit. For more information and to register please visit us, and act fast due to high demand and limited seating.