TechTip: Project Managing Made Easier With Office 365’s Planner


Charts in Microsoft Planner

The Office 365 lineup is proud to announce a revamped solution for businesses, schools, and organizations structuring workflows to produce seamless results. If you haven’t already heard, the newest Microsoft app, Planner is now available to satisfy your organizational needs so your business can work together effortlessly. Powered by the 365 cloud, Planner gets more work done by assigning tasks, file sharing, developing and creating new innovative projects which can be integrated on all your devices across your network. Whether you’re a local government municipality or mammoth-sized business looking to improve, Planner is a tool that looks promising. Check out this demo below:

Similar to products like Asana and Trello, Microsoft’s Planner supplements the 365 suite which you are already familiar with if you’re using OneNote and Outlook for scheduling and prioritizing tasks. The Planner app uses a variety of cards and whiteboards which can be sorted and organized into small or large projects that flow into columns called “Buckets”. Each card and board allow itself to be color coded based on the attachment it carries, due dates and other tasks they hold.

Planner easily integrates itself with businesses deeply involved with the Microsoft ecosystem, which is good news for all eligible Office 365 customers worldwide. This includes Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plans. If you’re interested in trying the cloud to see if it’s right for your business call (248)349-6115 or email for a one on one consultation and assessment.