‘Tis the Season to be Security Savvy


Pane2It’s holiday time in the city, which can only mean one thing. Your Web traffic might be on the rise and so are malicious attacks. This is your busiest time of the year and it will be here before you can say “chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”

Launching your holiday marketing campaign to spark the shopping season is a primary initiative of course, but if you’re smart your website security will be priority #1. Just like most of us, cyber criminals love the holidays. Because they know they can prey on small to midsize businesses to leave their access points vulnerable to intrusion. There are more data breaches during this season than any other. But most businesses are not prepared for increased risk associated with cyber crime.

Here are some tips your business can take to prepare your privileged company data;

Actually, run a fake cyber-attack on your website: To enable and embrace change in your philosophy of business witnessing the first-hand breach will drive you to think differently. You may not have someone available inside your business to exploit your weakness but finding a partner with cyber-intelligence might.

Your security provider has the means and resources to identify access points that are potentially damaging. Starting with a routine security audit network admins can make the necessary patches to any software mechanism.


Another overlooked attack on your website, distributed denial of service attacks your website server until its down. Any attack on your website or amount of downtime could tarnish your reputation, productivity, and revenue.

To protect your critical online operations there is a cost effective suite of solutions available to protect your DNS and prevent DDoS attacks.

The Transaction

On the flip side of things, showcasing your website as a trusted entity to do business with is equally important. A Secure Socket Layer lets your clients and customers know their information will be encrypted when sent. An SSL lock icon will show up in the address bar and your website will begin with an https.

A trust seal on your page where the transaction is being made is also another way you can boost confidence in someone when they are purchasing off your digital property.