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Track Your Inventory with SharePoint


sharepoint on tablet

In today’s work-anywhere world, data and automation give businesses a steep competitive advantage.

Finding the right tools – and the right partner – will improve your team’s collaboration and productivity, allowing them to do more with less. All these factors lead to sky-rocketing revenue production, sky-high employee morale, and lowered overall costs.

For many companies, inventory is one of the largest expenses incurred in every budget every year. Managing inventory is key to optimal business performance.

Gone are the days of using paper tracking systems, pencils, and calculators to make the best estimations for ordering and inventory replacements. You can rely on real-time insights through an intuitive dashboard that will allow you to make the most educated decisions for your company’s future plans.

Strategize and Customize

At Vision Computer Solutions, we proudly offer a full-service SharePoint solution, helping small to medium companies boost their team’s productivity. SharePoint is a web-based platform, perfectly suited to your remote workers who are home-based or newly remote.

One of the best use cases for SharePoint is implementing its system to handle your inventory needs; tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries.

SharePoint has the functionalities that businesses need, including specific processes and industry-specific nuances of your company’s specific workflow.

Advantages of SharePoint Inventory Tracking

SharePoint offers templates within Inventory Tracking that will allow your team to track inventory levels by assessing the manual input of sales and new inventory shipments received from suppliers.

Knowledge is power and SharePoint’s templates provide the insight and data business leaders need to have to make the best business decisions for their organizations.

SharePoint’s inventory tracking template also allows users to track the cost and sales value of each item in inventory separately, as well as categorizing inventory items into groupings.

The system also offers a user-friendly, robust dashboard that allows your colleagues to track sales, create orders, and evaluate low inventory. Features include a centralized view, easy-to-use transaction templates, automated calculations within forms, and sales prices.

Perhaps most importantly, detailed inventory-level transaction history is built-in – including type, price/value of translation, customer/supplier details, and quantity.

If you’re going to invest in software, make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Invest in customizations and templates that will create and plug-and-play experience for your company’s leadership and your colleagues.

Find the Most Helpful SharePoint Experts

At Vision Computer Solutions, we have 25 years of experience as a company in serving our clients… and that’s a lifetime in IT! We help business leaders by providing expert advice and peace of mind so that they can focus on high-value business priorities.

There is no better time to begin utilizing SharePoint, and Vision is with you every step of the way, from getting started and consulting to design and development.

To learn more about the benefits of Sharepoint, request a quote online or reach out by phone at (248) 349-6115. We would love to explore a partnership with you!