Web Filtering Hardware Simplified

Webfilter hardware that is safe

2016 was another year of countless security breaches that crippled some institutions. Looking ahead to 2017, the thought of a damaging attack on your business should weigh on your mind. Would you be prepared to take the fall for a security leak in your network?

Many small and medium-sized businesses are not protected from the most prominent threat that exists today, employees. It’s not that your employees don’t care about their job or your company its the simple fact that more people care more about getting work done. Most of your employees don’t have time to wear multiple hats, protecting your network while getting their own job done.

As unsanctioned workstations and devices enter your office environment it’s critical you have a solution in place. Your team is diligently working each day to get things done, the last thing they need to worry about is risking exposure. Web filtering hardware such as OpenDNS or SonicWall is an ideal option to add foresite to your security solution.

Web filtering hardware mitigates the risk of exposing your employees to volatile content through web navigation and email. OpenDNS and SonicWall are dedicated to filtering out unauthorized web travel and sneaky e-mail attachments that represent daily threats.


For any size business, a firewall like SonicWall is generally viewed as an essential appliance for any active network. For smaller firms, SonicWall has an entry level product that can provide the reliability and protection a single department can. SonicWall is designed to meet the needs for any sized business that can easily scale your growing need.


This web filtering hardware is easy-to-implement and used by most larger organizations. OpenDNS will increase your speed while navigating different websites also preventing unintended access to phishing or malware traps. OpenDNS can also be configured to be compliant with your particular work standards

Whichever solution you feel is best for your foresite IT management. Vision Computer Solutions can implement these tools into your network to scale any environment. Both of these options offer a great deal of capacity and elasticity to manage several devices under your enterprise.