The Moment a Virtual Machine is Stolen, it’s Worthless


When you think about your company’s security, what comes to

mind? Is it your server operating systems? In today’s world of

sophisticated hackers, ever-evolving threats, and breaches, you need

more layers of security for prevention and detection.


Here’s why:

Breaches are on the rise. Attackers are targeting identity

as the top entry point into an organization’s network.

Major corporations and government agencies have

been publicly criticized for failing to prevent attacks. Past

hacks on business large and small have exposed sensitive

customer and employee information, including Social

security numbers and payment information.


Hackers are in control. The bad actors have more time

on their hands to attack you than you do to defend

against them. A hacker can gain access because of vendor

vulnerabilities or because you didn’t do enough to protect

your company. Let’s face it: Often hackers have more time

to innovate than you do.


Modern IT is changing quickly. Hybrid environments

and technology innovation can make it difficult to keep

Virtual machines (VMs) can be difficult to protect, and

server imprints are often too big for many needs.


The moment a VM is stolen, it’s worthless


Virtual machines (VMs) offer many benefits, including greater flexibility and cost savings.

They also have unique security vulnerabilities. A VM is essentially a file—which means stealing it is as easy as copying it.

An attacker could steal your VM without leaving any signs they were there.

So how do you protect your data? Begin by securing your data onsite.

Don’t allow anyone to remove your VM from the

premises via a USB drive or other physical media.

Second, ensure your data will be worthless if it is stolen.


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