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Defense in Depth (DiD): Think Like a Hacker

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The current threat landscape is rapidly advancing, with cybercriminals…

4 Reasons Cybersecurity Attack Surfaces Are Expanding

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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted individuals and businesses…
2020: the year of cybercrime?

TechTalk Detroit EP 014: 2020 – The Year of Cybercrime? Feat. Arctic Wolf

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Cybersecurity in a Remote Workforce Concerns revolving around…

7 Critical Steps to Take After a Data Breach

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No one wants to deal with a data breach, but unfortunately, 29% of U.S. businesses have been the victim of one. Even with the best cybersecurity, you still need to be prepared should the worst happen. Make sure you have a data backup and recovery plan that includes these 7 critical steps.
evolution of the data breach

Evolution of the Data Breach

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As our lives are increasingly lived online, the potential for a breach of sensitive data only increases. A data breach can occur through traditional hacking attempts, internal theft, system misconfiguration, and accidents. Learn how this threat has evolved, what it can cost you, and how to protect your business.
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Cyberthreats and the difference between viruses, worms, and trojans

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Modern-day cybersecurity has to be constantly on guard to protect your network from cyberthreats. There are many different types of cyberthreats, but the majority of them can be sorted into one of three categories: viruses, worms, or trojans.