TechTalk Detroit EP 018: What Should You Consider When Moving to a New Office Location?

What Should You Consider When Moving to a New Office Location?

what should you consider when moving to a new office location?

While moving into a new office location is exciting, it can at times be a daunting task. Join Chuck and Brian as they discuss how to properly move into your new office location.


What Should You Consider When Moving to a New Office Location?(02:29)

Key Questions to Answer Before Moving Into Your New Office Space (04:15)

  1. What is the desired layout of your office?
  2. Will you be working with a design firm or designing the space in-house?
  3. Were in the building would you want to have your team?
  4. What technology must be included in each conference room?
  5.  Do you know the state of your building’s security?

What Does Your IT Staff Need in Order to Be Successful? (06.32)

  • Consider an open floor plan to accommodate your growing team.
    • Allow the layout to reflect 7-10 years of possible growth.
  • What Are Some Things to Consider When Planning Out Rooms?
    • Do you need space for one-on-one meetings?
    • Do you need space when meeting with a client?
    • Are multiple collaboration areas necessary for your staff?

What Technology Should Your Conference Room Include? (10:46)

  • Consider what is the goal of the conference room? As well as, what will the conference room be used for?

Your Office Building is A Great Recruitment Tool When it Comes to Hiring (15:00)

 Where do I Begin? Start with Your Floor Plan (15:34)

  • Check to see if your office is already wired for what you need.
  • Consider network drops and power outlets.
  • Do You Need a Server Room?
    • Is the space properly cooled?
    • Is there enough air circulation in the server room?
  • How do you reduce noise in a shared office space?
  • What are some benefits of The Cloud?
    • If you are properly setup in the cloud, you have less infrastructure to worry about.

The Importance of A Great Wireless Internet System (20:55)

  • Do not sacrifice your wireless system. This is the most important component of a successful business.

What is the Physical Security of Your Building? (23:00)

  • How are you controlling all access points?
  • A fingerprint system for door locks should be greatly considered.