TechTalk Detroit EP 017: How to Write a One-Year Business Plan for IT Professionals

How to Write a One-Year Business Plan for IT Professionals

how to write a one year business plan

How to Create a One-Year Business Plan

Why is a one-year business plan important? (03:35)
What are the different components of a one-year plan? (04:15)
What are role-based objectives? (04:51)
What is the starting point when creating a one year plan? (05:17)

What are the three focus areas when creating a one-year plan?: (06:33)

  1. Role-based objectives
  2. Execution plan
  3. Accountability plan

The first draft of your one-year plan will not be perfect. (08:20)

Personal Growth Goals

How to create personal growth goals and training objectives. (10:07)

Customer/Staff Relationship Objectives

What can you do within your role to improve client relations? (14:09)

  • Have a feedback element to your ticket systems (15:22)
  • Why staff satisfaction feedback is so important? (16:55)

What are some steps to delivering great customer service? (18:47)

Process Improvements

How do you improve your internal process? (21:00)
Employee feedback is valuable to improve processes. (25:00)

Business and Career Goals

What are some short/long term professional goals? (26:15)

  • Short-term goals (1-2 year outlook) (27:38)
    • Close technical skill gaps
    • Achieve an expert level certification
    • Train for future roles
  • Long-Term Goals (5-year plan) (29:05)
    • Find a way to make sure your employees succeed
    • A 5-year plan can be difficult to build when you first hire a new employee

Regularly look at and review your one-year plan. (31:40)