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The Industrial Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Across the globe, businesses are connecting their things and harnessing their data to create powerful new business value. Connecting devices to IT systems is only the first step. The real value lies in the data that is created by and transmitted from those devices as they interact with other devices and human beings, and the […] Read More

3 Overused Cloud Cliches That Need to Die

Change can be very stressful. And sticking to your traditional way of doing business is a comforting path of certainty. When we’re talking about a cloud migration, you’re initiating a change in the way you do business, and that’s not something to take lightly. That’s why we’ve pieced together the most widespread overuse cloud cliches […] Read More

Don’t be an April Fool. Backup Your Data on March 31st

  You shouldn’t need to be convinced that the Internet is a dangerous place. Hackers are lurking around every corner, waiting to breach your network and snatch your data. Despite this risk, many computer users need convincing to back up their data; a task that minimizes the negative effects associated with data loss. This is […] Read More

High Wind & Tornado Survival Guide

It may come as a surprise, but the United States blacks out more than any other developed nation in the world. What can you do to keep your business up and running in the case of tornado or high winds? Description: Tornados are extreme weather events characterized by funnels of wind that can exceed 100 […] Read More

What is Genuine Software and How is it Protecting you from Cybercrime?

If you think your business is too small to be a target, think again. Cyber criminals are focusing more than ever on small businesses, using non-genuine software to gain access to networks. Learn how to protect your company, personal information, and savings by using genuine software to extinguish a leading cause of cybercrime. Create value […] Read More