Battle of the Browsers: The Best Web Browser is……

the best browser of 2016

We generally all have our favorite browser that we pile tabs onto. But are you actually receiving the best web browsing experience possible? looking at statistics, Chrome is the overwhelming favorite amongst most.

Have you ever thought of trying a different browser? If you’re like me you probably won’t unless something critical happens. Perhaps you are, there are a lot of things to consider when traveling the web that you should be aware of. Some browsers boast powerful speed, while others are strict with security permissions. Here are the best web browsers of 2016! Contenders…


Weighing in at only 5% of the browser market. Opera is an interesting contender for best web browser because of their flexible speed and sleek user experience. I recommend downloading Opera as a great secondary option. The Opera Turbo feature is a special routing server that can save you from slow rural or broadband internet connections. The Turbo feature also compresses web data so less is transferred, perfect if you’re on a tablet or mobile device.

Microsoft Edge

If you’ve recently transitioned to Windows 10, this is your default web browser. Windows 10 Edge represents a scaled down user adaptation of the Internet Explorer experience. Dropping the outdated ActiveX, Edge is pleasantly superior to its ancestor Internet Explorer. Edge and Cortana work in concert together and are a great duo for the surface tablet.

Google Chrome

The cross-platform browser adorned by everyone. When it comes to customization there is no limit with Chrome, you can easily download extensions to make your browser unique and crafted to your likeness. With thousands of options for customization, there are caveats. Chrome is by far the heaviest use of resources on your device for web browsing and can make your device sluggish if you’re not getting enough RAM. Using a web browser that puts less stress in your RAM and more free space is definitely the best practice for work productivity.

The Best Web Browser is….

The answer is complex and there isn’t necessarily one that is the best of all. The device and your network hinge greatly on the performance of the browser you select. Just remember no environment is the same, before making a change with a new browser we can help you find one that fulfills your needs and work flow.