5 Ways SMB’s are Using Technology as a Differentiator

Technology can be a critical step differentiating your business. But it can seem like heavy investment involving regular setbacks as well. From servers to the cloud, PCs and mobile devices-where do you start?

To pursue these 5 ways of differentiating your own SMB, it’s all about how you transition from where you were to where you want to be in the future. Your small or midsized business will stay ahead of the curve in your industry by making a series of small steps in technology to make a huge leap. The overall goal is to utilize technology as a business advantage. According to Boston Consulting Group, technology leaders far outperform their peers in the marketplace and create jobs two-fold.

Charting your path won’t happen overnight. But having the right staff and IT personnel to transition your technology will guide you in the right direction:

Get Work Done Virtually. Anywhere

Across PCs and devices, get the files and applications you need to do your job wherever you go. Being productive on-the-go is a key element to rivaling leaders in your industry. Today, 85% of Small and Mid-sized business had employees in different cities and right now 27% of SMB’s are doing business internationally.*


Your IT decisions for your company will have a direct impact on your employees. Technologies such as cloud productivity and mobile help SMB’s empower their workforce to collaborate in-depth. Last year, 43% of SMB owners said cloud technology enables employees to work better together.

Customer Expectations Have Changed, Too

26% of SMB’s said their customers expect them to use solutions such as productivity software and mobile devices*. Using data insights and productivity to your competitive advantage will help you understand how your customers connect with you on a digital level. Connecting with them on their terms on a consistent basis is the key to creating happy customers with repeatable outcomes. Do your competitors know your customers better than you do? This a key question you need to ask yourself.

Increase Your Sales

Creating more outlets for relevant customer relationships will yield reachable goals towards your bottom line. Engaging your customers with tools you own and are familiar with will establish an exceptional setting to successful sales conversations. Don’t hold back your ability to transition to digital space where you can captivate your audience.

Protect and Serve Your Data

Is protection keeping you up at night? Investing in a modern platform to count on built-in protection for your IT is absolutely essential. Stop worrying about protection and focus on the core of your business. From your server to PCs and devices you have a solid option starting with the latest Windows 10 Defender buff.