Use old tablets as refurbished gadgets

Refurbished Gadgets: 5 ways to Repurpose That Old Tablet

We’ve all been through our fair share of gadgets.

Phone breaks, you get a new one. Tablets become less than $60 a pop, you get multiple. Computer breaks down, get a laptop or two.

But you know what this obsession with the black mirror leads to — a handful of devices laying around doing nothing but collecting dust.

So instead of that, take a ride on the not-so-wild side with refurbished gadgets — in this case specifically, tablets.

Here are five ways you can put that old tablet to good use.

Remote Monitor

When you leave the office, that doesn’t always mean you leave your job behind. Which means you need access to work files when you’re out of the office.

By using an app like Chrome Remote Desktop, you can turn your old tablet into a remote computer terminal. This means you’ll always have the files you need, when you need them. And you won’t have to invest in more equipment for this to happen.

Secondary Monitor

It’s no secret. Working with one monitor and a hundred different windows is a pain. And this only gets worse if you happen to be working on spreadsheets, large reports, or research-heavy projects.

But with an unused tablet, there’s an easy fix to this problem.

There are a handful of apps that can transform your tablet into a second monitor. In other words, use your tablet to do one thing and your laptop or computer to do another thing.

Security Camera

Need more security at work? No problem. You don’t need to pay big money to keep it secure … just use an app to turn your tablet into a security camera.

Some of these monitoring programs even offer motion detection features on top of video recording. How neat is that?

Universal Remote

Multiple remotes can drive you mad. Either you can’t find the one you need or you can’t remember which one is used for what.

By installing an app like AnyMote, you can solve this problem and turn your old tablet into a universal remote. This will give you the ability to control most of your electronic systems with one device. As a result, save time, avoid frustration, and get more work done.

Word Processor

Letters, memos, and invoices are often the lifeblood of an office, and a reliable word processing solution is a must. By using a cloud-based word processing solution like Office 365, you can take your old tablet and make it an effective one-purpose machine.

Do this and you’ll gain the level of performance you need to churn out important documents


Long story short, old tablets don’t need to collect dust in the corner. They have enough power and versatility to make you and your staff more productive — from the office or at home.

And hey, if refurbished gadgets aren’t your thing, consider donating them to a school, senior citizens home, or other charity. They can find something to do with them.