screen with microsoft office apps

Boost Productivity with the Right Tech Tools from Microsoft 365

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Boost Productivity with the Right Tech Tools from Microsoft…
note-taking apps replace post-it notes

Our 5 favorite note-taking apps to use in the workplace

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If you’re tired of losing important messages, we've created a short list of the best work apps, organizational apps, and note-taking apps available.

5 Next-Level Ways to Use Technology as a Productive Tool

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You’re probably well aware of the more mundane methods in which technology can help boost your productivity: calendars, email managers and the like. But with some outside-the-box thinking, you can take the way you work to the next level.
People use productivity apps on their smartphones.

7 productivity apps to use during the workday

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Here are the best productivity and email apps to use throughout your hectic workday.
Use old tablets as refurbished gadgets

Refurbished Gadgets: 5 ways to Repurpose That Old Tablet

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We’ve all been through our fair share of devices, and we all have a handful of unused devices collecting dust in the corner. However, refurbished gadgets can do a whole lot of good — even that unused tablet. Here are 5 ways you can repurpose that old tablet.

Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Working (And Extremely Happy)

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Telecommuting and Flexibility Not all work and productivity…